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Use the all-round carefree service for secure payment and flexible key issue to your advantage
The right payment and key system for every key

Pay and Key SMS service for sending the PIN

Original price €85,20 - Original price €85,20
Original price
€7,10 / Monat
€85,20 / Jahr
€85,20 €85,20
€7,10 / Monat
€85,20 / Jahr
incl. total VAT

Expand the function of your key depot by sending the PIN for the key issue via SMS (incl. 10 SMS once for testing). 

The function is available both with the administration service and with the payment service.
Choose the right SMS package for you. Depending on the SMS you send, you can choose from packages with 20, 50 or 100 SMS per month.
Book your suitable one Package SMS to! 

After activation, you can use the function immediately in your Cloud and Pay Service Portal. Before the 12 months have expired, we will automatically remind you in the portal to extend your service.