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Use the all-round carefree service for secure payment and flexible key issue to your advantage
The right payment and key system for every key

Hotels & Guesthouses

Payment service for hotel key deposit

Do you already have a key depot or would you like to use our service together with a new depot? 
Our service supports all Kniggendorf Security key depots ‘Hol and Bring’. (An update in the electronics may be required for older models). 
For setup and operation we need the URL (address) of the key box, your login data and your PayPal account data. (In order to be able to use the invoice payment service, a corresponding agreement with PayPal is necessary).
In a short time your depot is ready for use and you can work with our service.

zwei anreisende Personen mit zwei Koffern auf dem Weg zu ihrer Unterkunft

One or more rooms have been booked online and the guests want to arrive outside of opening hours. With the Cloud & Pay payment service and the associated key depot, you can solve the task efficiently.

This is how the process works:

  1.  The room is booked online
  2. The payment link will be sent by email or SMS
  3. After payment, an e-mail or SMS with a PIN code will be sent
  4. You set up the key depot online and release the room key
  5. The key can be picked up at any time